About Us


Our Mission

To serve the advancement of North American Muslims through the direction of the Supreme Religious Authority (Marjaeya) in implementing the teachings of Allah, the Most High, the Holy Prophet (pbuh) and his Holy Progeny (p).


Our Vision

To cultivate a vibrant, collaborative, and supportive Muslim community of strong faith and good citizenry that forms a building block in North American society.


Who We Are

I.M.A.M. is the liaison office of the Supreme Religious Authority, Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, in North America. We are devoted to building a strong Shia community in North America by serving as the central point of contact between the religious authority and the centers, organizations, and faithful believers in North America. We are passionately dedicated to the advancement of the Muslim communities in North America – whether it be in the religious, spiritual, educational or social realms.


Our Core Values

Knowledge | Faith | Integrity | Diversity | Collaboration | Progress