IMAM Humanitarian Services: Requests for Financial Assistance


In the Name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful

Who may apply for Financial Assistance from IMAM?

  • Any North American Shia Muslim needy individual who is considered the head of his or her household. Non-Shia Muslim needy individuals will be supported in cases of emergencies or special circumstances.


What needs/expenses do we cover?

  • Nutritional needs
  • Clothes
  • Medical and Medicine expenses
  • Utility bills with shut-off notices
  • Basic home furnishing for very low income individuals


In special cases of emergency, we will cover costs related to:

  • Living accommodations such as rental/mortgage, real-estate tax shortages, etc, if they are passed due on two or more payments.
  • Transportation expenses required for livelihood, such as accidental insurance payments, car repairs, etc.

IMAM reserves the right to evaluate each case to determine if the emergency need exists or not.


What support does the requester need to bring forth to prove their need?

  • Documented evidence of their need, either as an invoice or official letter
  • A written confirmation of the need by two well-known individuals from the requester’s community who are known to be practicing Shia Muslims and trustworthy, or one Islamic Center leader/Imam, along with their contact information.
  • Previous year’s tax return


How do we provide the Financial Assistance for each type of need?

Applicants are not paid directly. Once approved IMAM will pay directly to the invoice/bill issuer, merchant, utility company, or Government entity.


Type of Need How Financial Assistance is provided
Nutritional Gift card from merchant
Clothes Gift card from merchant
Medical and Medicine expenses Paid directly to biller
Utility bills with shut-off noticed Paid directly to biller
Basic home furnishing Gift card from merchant or paid directly to biller
Living accomodations Paid directly to biller
Transportation expenses Paid directly to biller


What is the funding limit for each request?


Type of Need Funding Limit for One Time Disbursement
Nutritional $500
Clothes $200
Medical and Medicine expenses Up to $1,000
Utility bills with shut-off noticed Up to $250
Basic home furnishing $500
Living accomodations Up to $1,000
Transportation expenses Up to $1,000


How many times can a requester make requests?

  • Financial Assistance is disbursed one time for each request. A requester may submit multiple requests, but there is no guarantee of approval based on previously approved requests


How can one apply for financial assistance?

  • To apply for assistance, please complete this application form and email the form and copies (scanned or PDF versions) of all supporting documents to:
  • You may also print the applciation form and mail it along with your supporting documents to: I.M.A.M. Humanitarian Services,  22000 Garrison Street, Dearborn, MI. 48124