Education and Research

Department Description: 

Education & Research Services Department: 

This department provides educational training and research to the North American Shia Muslim community by accommodating to their needs through a full range of intensive courses, both formal and informal, at different times, for different levels, and in different areas throughout the year.

I.M.A.M. has been offering the following educational projects and programs:

1.       Fiqh manual booklets. (Being worked on)

2.       Shia Encyclopedia project. (Coming soon)

3.       Preparing and sending new students to Najaf Seminary. (The process is being updated)

4.       Teaching and lecturing remotely. (Click here for registration).

5.       Providing a lecturer to programs throughout the country.

6.       Publishing valuable research. For more information about I.M.A.M. publication policy click here.

Available books:                                                                                             

1.       Tajwid Guide book, by Sh. Rizwan Arastu.

2.       God’s Emissaries, by Sh. Rizwan Arastu.

3.       Who is Husayn, Sh. Aous Asfar (Free download).

Upcoming books:

4.       The Code of Practice for the Muslims in the West, Verdicts of H.E. Grand Ayatollah Sayyid al-Sistani. (New Edition).

5.       Fasting: A Haven from the Hellfire, Verdicts of H.E. Grand Ayatollah Sayyid al-Sistani.

6.       Islam and Christianity Brothers at odds, by Dr. Shaykh Odeh Muhawesh.

7.       Amicable Companionship, by I.M.A.M. Family and Social Department team.

8.       Commonalities Between Christianity and Islam, by Sayyid Basim al-Saafi.

9.       The Illuminating Lantern – 30th chapter of Quran, by Shaykh Habib al-Kadhimi.

10.   Shia Muslims, Identity, Vision, and the Work Plan. By Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri.

11.   Struggle of the self, by Allahmah al-Majlisi.