Family and Social Services

Department Description: 

This department supports our community in North America in their pursuit of a vibrant and meaningful personal and social life, through following the teachings of Shia Islam. The scholars and staff of this department would be available for counseling, either in informal conversations or in more formal sessions, regarding all personal, spiritual, religious, financial and social concerns. All conversations would be based on the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality.

I.M.A.M. has been offering marriage and divorce counseling nationwide, locally and internationally, for interested or struggling couples. Many individuals and local resident scholars throughout the U.S. and Canada contact I.M.A.M. to receive help with their specific situations. Often times, these cases involve miscommunication, lack of understanding of each individual’s role, and sadly even abuse. In most cases reconciliation between couples is reached. However, in some unfortunate cases, I.M.A.M. has had to carry out the Islamic divorce process, where cases are processed through a Divorce Committee which is authorized to conduct a divorce based on authority of the Jurist.


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