Financial Services

Department Description: 

This department provides all internal financial functions including:

  • Accepting all types of donations and all types of religious dues based on religious authority from Jurists.
  • Issuing official and religious receipts, electronically and physically, to all donors. Attention:
  1. All Khums donors must fulfill their religious obligation by making sure that they receive an official receipt from the offices of the Jurist of which they emulate. Otherwise, their Khums obligation will not be fulfilled religiously. (Click here to see the Edict regarding this issue)
  2. If you pay your khums in person, make sure that you receive an authentic receipt from I.M.A.M. (Click here to see a sample of our official receipt)
  • Tracking and keeping records of all transactions and monetary contracts.
  • Institutes protocols for the accounting administration of all incoming and outgoing financial transactions (all funds, gifts, and assets), check archiving, official notices and the presentation of this data within tabulated reports.