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A1. In general, there is no problem in using the place to perform prayers and practice religious rituals.

A2. As for the hotel rental, there is no problem in holding programs in one of its halls even if the hotel has unlawful acts in its other facilities. Furthermore, Eid prayer is held in the morning whereas programs that involve forbidden acts are usually not held until the night.

A3. Jurists authorize taking the loan from a non-Islamic bank and paying the interest back without intending that it is interest, rather it is money that is paid to prevent imposition of possible harm and preserving one’s dignity.


  • eid
  • loan
  • majalis
  • mortgage
  • mosque
  • prayer

To wear black is permissible, however, it is makruh.


  • muharram
  • permissibility

As long as a Muslim person declares and announces that they believe in oneness (tawheed), prophethood (nubuwwah – and seal of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp)), and the day of judgment (maad) they should be considered a Muslim who fulfills the minimum requirements such that you are permitted to marry them, and so on. But, if they deny any one of the three main tenets mentioned above, for example, if they deny the prophethood of Muhammad (p) or deny that prophet Muhammad (p) is the last prophet then they will not be considered Muslim.


  • marriage
  • nikkah
  • permissibility
  • prenuptial

If the paper tissue is made from a plant that is not edible by humans it is permissible to perform sajdah on it.


  • mustahab
  • prayer
  • sajdah

Smoking marijuana is not permissible.


  • cigarettes
  • marijuana
  • permissibility

We are not aware of such a ruling. Brotherhood and cooperation are highly recommended by Islam, especially among relatives.


  • business
  • family relations
  • finances

It is not permissible to be worn in front of non-Mahram men if it causes temptation. In general, it is not permissible to wear tight clothing such that the form of the body is evident, whether it results in temptation or not.


  • clothing
  • permissibility
  • women

To purify the carpet you can use the machine that sprays water on it and then sucks it out, however, you cannot use mixed water (such as water mixed with solution). After the first wash, you can then use soap or any solution to clean the carpet.


  • chemicals
  • home
  • najasat

If the condition is ongoing and constant such that there is no way the person can complete an act of worship without their wudhu breaking, then their wudhu will suffice and their worship will be valid. If you can keep wudhu for two or three minutes you need to pray directly after wudhu. After prayer, if you break your wudhu you need to perform it again before the second prayer.


  • hajj
  • prayers
  • wudhu