Author: Shaykh Habib al Kadhimi
Publisher: I.M.A.M.

For over a millennium, numerous explications have been written and published around the world about the Holy Quran. The book you are holding in your hands is one of the new explications. The author, Shaykh Habib al-Kadhimi interprets the thirtieth section of the Quran in a new and functional style to practically benefit from the holy Revelation. The author has relied on the bullet method instead of explaining every word and every expression as is customary in most explications. He collects the components of every short chapter and chooses the main points that pertain to our daily life. He then adds a moral and spiritual aspect with a language that speaks to the spirit and the mind to present practical Quranic solutions that can shape human personality in the three dimensions of mind, spirit, and morals.

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