Khums is an Islamic income tax, which is 1/5 (20%) of the remaining of yearly income, after all legitimate expenses have been paid.


  • The remaining sum after the 20% reduction does not have to be taxed again for the following years if it has not been used.
  • The amount of tax paid must be given to the Marja’ (jurist) through his offices or representatives (who are authorized in writing), to be distributed, under the supervision of Marji’ for the sake of educating, building and promoting the Muslim community and teaching the true message of Islam in general (i.e. helping the poor and needy, building or contributing toward hawzahs (seminaries, supporting clergy, Islamic centers, Islamic schools, etc.)
  • Sayyid Sistani has issued an important verdict about Khums receipts. (Click here to view the original.)
  • IMAM accepts khums to use for purposes mentioned above in the United States. For larger khums amounts, it is recommend to submit your khums payment by mail by personal or cashiers check, to avoid credit card fees, which I.M.A.M. covers through non-khums funding.
  • To read more about the jurisprudence details of khums click here.
Please choose from the below list of Khums Authorized Organizations. If you cannot find your center, click here to register your center with IMAM.
Ahl-ul-Bayt Center of Nevada
4785 S. Durango Dr.
Suite #104
Las Vegas Nevada United States
Ahlul Bayt Center of Toledo
6004 Hill Ave
Toledo Ohio United States
Ahlul Bayt Society
2580 W. Dublin-Granville Rd.
Columbus Ohio United States
Ahlulbayt Center of Lexington
365 Waller Avenue,
Suite 120,
Lexington Kentucky United States
Al-Hadi Islamic Center
358 N 76th St,
Omaha Nebraska United States
Al-Khoei Islamic Center (New York)
8987 Van Wyck Expway
Jamaica New York United States
Al-Mahdi Foundation
779 Coney Island Ave
Brooklyn New York United States
Al-Murtaza Islamic Center, Inc.
607 Lyman Road,
Inman South Carolina United States
Al-Zahra Islamic Center
5227 Monroe Road
Charlotte North Carolina United States
Ali Center of Houston
Sugar Land Texas USA
AMER Foster Care Foundation
6100 Appoline St.
Dearborn Michigan United States
Angum-e Ahle Bayt Zainabia Imambargah
7011 Howdershell Road,
Hazelwood Missouri United States
Dar-e Abbas
5064 Lawrenceville Highway,
Lilburn Georgia United States
Fatima Islamic Society
7252 Remmet Ave
Canoga Park California United States
Fatima University
South Harrison New Jersey United States
Foundation For Better Education
Houston Texas United States
Hadi School of Excellence
375 S. Roselle Road
Schaumburg Illinois United States
Husainiyyat Abu Thar (Bint Jbeil new center)
Dearborn Michigan United States
IABA Center
12460 Los Indios Trl
Austin Texas United States
IEC/Hussaini Islamic Center of Greater Chicago
1269 Goodrich Ave
Glendate Heights Illinois United States
Imam Ali Islamic Center
2330 Dalworth St
Grand Prairie Texas United States
Imamia Medics International
PO Box 8209
Princeton New Jersey United States
Iraqi Children’s Hope
4772 W. Braddock Rd.
Alexandria Virginia United States
Islamic Ahlul Bayt Association of Triangle (IABAT)
2140 Page Rd.
Suite 101
Durham North Carolina United States
Islamic Center at NYU – NYC COVID-19 Relief Fund
Global Center for Spiritual Life
238 Thompson Street
New York New York United States
Islamic Center of New York University
238 Thompson Street
Global Center for Spiritual Life
New York New York United States
Jaffari Center
295 Patterson Ave.
Scottdale Georgia United States
Jaffery Union of NE Ohio
10909 Chippewa Rd.
Brecksville Ohio United States
Masjid al-Hayy
786 Myrtle Street
Sanford Florida United States
Momin Center
1019 Perry Street
Irving Texas United States
Mufid Academic Seminary
4000 Legato Rd, Suite 1100
Fairfax Virginia United States
Nebraska Islamic Foundation
7125 Douglas Street
Lincoln Nebraska United States
Sacramento Shia Muslim Association
2121 Natomas Crossings, Suite 200
PO Box 258
Sacramento California United States
Saviour, USA
2004 Brandiles Dr.
Lewisville Texas United States
Shia Youth Social Services, Inc.
15216 Rockport Dr.
Silver Spring Maryland
The Ark Institute
Orlando Florida United States
Tulsa Islamic Foundation
6528 E. 101st Street., Suite D-1, PMB #308
Tulsa Oklahoma United States
US Interfaith Institue
99 Packnack Lake Rd
Wayne New Jersey United States
Yaseen Educational Foundation
8605 Santa Monica Blvd
Ste. 22760
Los Angeles California United States