Everyday Fiqh

This section presents a collection of the most important fiqh topics commonly encountered by believers. These issues require thorough explanation and objective resolution to ensure accurate application of Islamic rules in all daily matters.

Topics included in this section are some of the most oft-recurring religious questions about the fulfillment of personal religious obligations received throughout the year by I.M.A.M. and the most challenging issues frequently faced by the community of believers.

As such, the scholarly team extracts fiqh or jurisprudential information from reliable and authentic sources of religious edicts like Minhaj al-salihin, Al-Masail al-muntakhabah, Al-taliqah ala al-urwah al-wuthqa, A Code of Practice for Muslims in the WestFiqh al-hadharah, questions and answers provided on the official website of the Marja, and through direct correspondence with deputy scholars of His Eminence al-Sayyid al-Sistani.

After collecting all the necessary content about the fiqh topic, it undergoes a process of thorough examination, revision, and reformatting, followed by a final review by one of the deputy scholars of His Eminence al-Sayyid al-Sistani. Thereafter, a team translates the fiqhi explanation from Arabic to English, and then double checks, reviews, and proofreads it to ensure that it is accurate and comprehensible for the layperson. After completion of this rigorous process, I.M.A.M. publishes it on their website.

It bears noting that we have tried to be as brief as possible in these fiqhi topics; however, condensing the explanations can limit their clarity and comprehensiveness. Therefore, the respected reader should strive to carefully read the entire passage and correspond with us if there are still aspects of the rulings that are not clear.

We ask God Almighty to grant us success in gaining more knowledge, in reaping the benefit of understanding our religion, fulfilling our religious obligations, and remaining on the straight path, and we ask that He accepts our deeds and acts of obedience and pardons any shortcomings.