The Holy Prophet (pbuh&hp) has said: “Whoever provides iftar (food for the breaking of the fast) for one believer gains the reward of freeing a slave.” (Al-Kafi, Vol. 4) Everyone is invited to provide iftar for local needy people who are fasting in the blessed month of Ramadhan. For only $15.00 (US), you can provide a full meal to a needy fasting person who is otherwise not able to provide iftar for themselves, and earn spiritual rewards. Please note the following:

The $15.00 (US) amount covers one complete iftar (a full meal) and the expenses associated with it.
If your donation arrives after the 15th of Ramadan, then the money will be spent feeding the poor in general.
Please share this initiative with all those you love and wish well in life.

Note: After having inquired from the different charitable organizations that I.M.A.M. works with, we have been informed that a full meal for iftar this year costs between 12 to 18 US dollars. Therefore, the average cost of $15.00 will be a sufficient amount with which I.M.A.M. can serve the fasting in need this year. Thank you.

    Feeding The Needy Fasting