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On Saturday, Aug. 17, IMAM organized an event to celebrate Eid Al-Ghadir with the community in Dearborn, MI. The program began with an opening statement by Shaykh Mohamad Al-Ali Al-Halabi, senior religious scholar at IMAM. In his opening remarks, Shaykh al-Halabi urged all the Muslims in North America to follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh&hp) and Imam Ali (p).

Following the opening statement, Shaykh Mohammad Ayad, assistant scholar at IMAM, took the stage to talk about the life and message of Imam Ali (p). In his speech, he said that Imam Ali (p) is a symbol of unity, justice, piety, and sacrifice not only for Muslims but the whole world. After the speeches, Shaykh Ali Abokhodor and a youth group recited several poems and anasheed that paid tribute to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) and Imam Ali (p).