Dr. Shaykh Rasoul Naghavi Nia

Dr. Shaykh Naghavi Nia

Dr. Shaykh Naghavi Nia holds a Ph.D. from Georgetown University, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies. Prior to his Ph.D. he studied traditional Islamic sciences for sixteen years from 1994–2010 at the Islamic Seminary of Qom, Iran, and earned his Fourth Level of Hawza (pre-ijtihad) in Islamic Jurisprudence and usul al-fiqh in 2010.

Dr. Naghavi also earned a second MA in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, in 2013. He has published several books and articles in different fields of Islamic studies, such as:

  • Contemporary Shia Jurisprudence: a textbook (in Arabic)

This book includes a selection of contemporary thought in Shia jurisprudence, and is a required textbook for graduate students in Shia women’s seminaries in Iran.

  • Gods of Earth: (Ba khodayan Zamin): In Farsi

This book analyzes the definition of an unjust ruler and explains Shia scholars’ opinions about paying allegiance to unjust monarchs.

  • Two Rakats Story (Du rakat dastan),

This book is an adaptation of selected fatwas regarding daily prayers from Shia jurists into 130 short stories for young adults.


  • Assassination and Death Penalty for Political Crimes 
  • Diya of Minorities in Shia Jurisprudence and Iranian Criminal Codes
  • Theological Formation for Peace in Contemporary Qom Shiite School of Thought
  • Ethics and Vehicles of Legal Change in Fiqh According to Shiite Legal Theorists 
  • An Ontological Argument for the Existence of God
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) and Religious Liberty: Building a Truly Free, Equitable, and Just Society

Currently, he is a researcher, writer, and advisor at I.M.A.M., and the director of Mufid Academic Seminary (MAS). https://www.mufidseminary.org

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