Shaykh Naghavi Nia studied traditional Islamic sciences for sixteen years from 1994–2010 at the Islamic Seminary of Qom, Iran and earned his Fourth Level of Hawza (pre-ijtihad) in Islamic Jurisprudence and usul al-fiqh in 2010.

He also earned an MA in Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding from Eastern Mennonite University, Virginia, in 2013, and currently he is a Ph.D. Candidate at Georgetown University, Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies.

He has published several books and articles in different fields of Islamic studies, such as:

  • Contemporary Shia Jurisprudence: a textbook (in Arabic)

This book includes a selection of contemporary thought in Shia jurisprudence, and is a required textbook for graduate students in Shia women’s seminaries in Iran.

  • Gods of Earth: (Ba khodayan Zamin): In Farsi

This book analyzes the definition of an unjust ruler and explains Shia scholars’ opinions about paying allegiance to unjust monarchs.

  • Two Rakats Story (Du rakat dastan),

This book is is an adaptation of selected fatwas regarding daily prayers from Shia jurists into 130 short stories for young adults


  • Assassination and Death Penalty for Political Crimes 
  • Diya of Minorities in Shia Jurisprudence and Iranian Criminal Codes
  • Theological Formation for Peace in Contemporary Qom Shiite School of Thought
  • Ethics and Vehicles of Legal Change in Fiqh According to Shiite Legal Theorists 
  • An Ontological Argument for the Existence of God
  • Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) and Religious Liberty: Building a Truly Free, Equitable, and Just Society

Currently, Shaykh Naghavi Nia is a researcher at I.M.A.M. and the president of Mufid Academic Seminary (MAS).

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