Annual Quran Competition Submission Page – 2021

Congratulations on participating in this year’s Quran Competition! Before you prepare your submission, carefully read the “Submission Guidelines” and review the “Helpful Hints” below. Once you have completed your video recording, return to this page, upload your video file in the box below and submit your entry.

(Note: If you have not yet registered, please complete the registration form and email it to today. Submissions will not be accepted without registration. For competition rules and details click here.)

Submission Guidelines:

  1. Your video must not be longer than 20 minutes.
  2. Observe appropriate Islamic attire.
  3. Record your submission in good lighting with your face and mouth clearly visible, for judging purposes.
  4. Your voice must be clearly heard with no background noise.
  5. Microphones may be used but voices may not be modified using computer software.

Helpful Hints:

Judges in these competition formats typically look for the following:

  1. Where a reciter starts a recitation and where they end it.
  2. The attention given to Tajwid rules such as Tanwin, Idghaam, Idhhaar, Ghunna, Ikhfaat, Qalqala, and so on.
  3. The rhythm and manner of a recitation and how it impacts the listener. Does the listener take it as it should be or does he/she get the wrong concept. For example,  imagine there is a phrase that suggests a question is being asked, but you read it like a simple sentence instead. This may give a listener the wrong impression.
  4. How each Arabic letter is pronounced and how it is voiced.
  5. Additionally, please note that this competition will focus on the tarteel method with emphasis on correct pronunciation, such as in the following example.

Submission Instructions:

1) First add your video file in the box below. (After adding your file, other options will appear.)

2) Write the name of the participant in the “File Description” box.

3) For the email address, enter the parent/guardian email address used to register for the competition.

4) Click upload and wait for the confirmation.

5) An email confirmation of your submission will be sent within 1-2 business days.

Note: For uploads taking more than 5 minutes, please reload this page and try again.

Thank you!

[Update 5/7/2021: The submission period has ended.

For questions – please contact]