Five Core Functions

Religious Services

  • Seeking religious edicts for new issues facing the North American community
  • Answering individuals’ and communities’ jurisprudence questions
  • Performing divorce by religious authority when other solutions have been exhausted

Religious Education

  • Cultivating an Islamic lifestyle of faith and good citizenry for the North American community
  • Providing Islamic education and practice through various mediums to the far reaches of our community
  • Sponsoring ambitious students from our various communities to study in seminaries abroad

Managing Charity & Dues

  • Accepting Khums and other religious dues
  • Assisting Islamic Institutions in obtaining permission for accepting and utilizing Khums
  • Distribution of charity and dues for religious needs and development in the North American community

Hawzah Liaison

  • Establishing a connection, by bringing the messages of the Marjayea to the North American Community
  • Inviting senior scholars from the Hawzah to visit North America to gain a better understanding of our community’s daily challenges and issues
  • Creating a platform between local scholars and experts with those in the Hawzah to exchange scholarly expertise in order to enhance religious and social development

Community Cohesion

  • Creating a nexus between the various places of worship to develop a cohesive support structure for each other
  • Facilitating gatherings of scholars and experts to create unified strategies in order to address current issues facing our North American communities
  • Mediating and arbitrating conflicts between different groups of believers and places of worship