Humanitarian Aid

I.M.A.M.’s Humanitarian Services are designated to collect and raise funds for the purpose of humanitarian aid to support and help the poor, the orphaned, the unprivileged and all those whose situation requires assistance.  Through these services, I.M.A.M. is able to support and uplift the moral, spiritual and educational status of such individuals, regardless of their geographic location locally or internationally.

Adhering to its firm belief in Faith and Integrity as core values, I.M.A.M. continuously surveys the state of the Muslims living all around the world, especially in United States of America. At times, certain unfortunate incidents occur in various areas of the world that are of grave concern to Muslims living in the United States of America. When such incidents occur, I.M.A.M. collaborates with other humanitarian organizations to provide aid to the victims of these distressing events. Such cases include:


There are millions of Iraqis who are living in some of the worst conditions imaginable in all the world. The majority of these people do not have the ability to feed themselves, much less their families, nor do they have the ability to seek medical attention. In 2010, I.M.A.M. set up relief efforts to help the innocent people of Iraq. Such aid included medical relief in the form of surgical and general medical equipment as well as medical expertise and clinical facilities.


In the middle of 2010, Pakistan was hit with massive floods, killing and displacing hundreds of thousands of innocent Pakistanis. I.M.A.M. along with other partnering organizations, put together relief efforts to help the displaced families in Pakistan.


At the beginning of 2010, a massive earthquake struck Haiti, killing and displacing over 100,000 Haitians. I.M.A.M. partnered with other organizations to put together relief efforts aimed at providing much needed help to the disaster victims of Haiti.

Here in the United Sates, a rise in economic hardships have become a reality affecting many American Muslims across the country, sometimes producing dire situations. I.M.A.M. provides relief to individuals facing such circumstances. This aid can be seen in the form of limited grants to secure basic needs such as food, clothing, medicine, and vital utilities for the individuals themselves and/or their families.