Monday, May 20th, 2019, marks the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan ibn Ali (p), 15th of Ramadan, 1440 A.H.

Imam Hasan ibn Ali (p) is reported to have said: “Do not hasten to punish an offender for his offence, and let there be a way [for him to explain himself].”

Rayshahri, Mizan-ul-Hikmah, vol 3, p.1861.

.روي عن الإمام الحسن بن علي (ع): لا تُعاجِلِ الذَّنبِ بِالعُقُوبَةِ وَاجعَل بَينَهُما لِلاعِتذارِ طَريقاً

[محمدي ريشهري، ميزان الحكمة، ج ٣، ص ١٨٦١]

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