Monday, April 2nd, 2018 marks the death anniversary of
Sayyida Zainab bint Ali (p), 15th Rajab, 1439, A.H.

Imam Zayn al-Abidin (p) is reported to have said, that upon seeing his massacred father, brothers, and other family, on the morning of the 11th of Muharram, his soul was about to leave his body.

Upon seeing him in this condition, his aunt, Sayyida Zainab bint Ali (p) said the following, “What you see must not make you cry, because, by God, it is due to a promise of God with His Messenger, your grandfather, your father and your uncle. God has made a promise with certain people of this nation (followers of Muhammad) who are not known [to the kings of this earth] but they are well known to the inhabitants of the skies. They will collect these bodies which are cut in pieces and stained in their blood to bury them. They will establish in memory of this tragedy a monument for the grave of your father, the master of the martyrs, whose traces will never become old and its marks will never be eliminated because of the passing of nights and days. Allow the leaders of unbelievers and falsehood to try and eliminate these monuments, but these monuments will [only] shine brighter and higher.’”

(Shaykh al-Majlisi, Bihar al-anwar, vol. 45, ch. 39.)

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