Who is Hussain is attempting to break a world record in the name of Imam al-Hussain (p). The Global Blood Heroes event takes place on August 27th, featuring a global blood drive, with a target of 50,000 blood donors in one calendar day.

One blood donor can potentially save the life of 3 adults, or even 7 children. And as the Quran tells us, “…he who saves one life, is as if he has saved all mankind.” (5:32)

In partnership with the American Red Cross, donors anywhere in the United States can take part in this incredible event by clicking on the link below and donating at your nearest center on August 27th. Your donation will then go toward saving a life.

So what are you waiting for? Donate blood, save lives, get a free PDF version of the “Who is Hussain?” book by I.M.A.M., and break a world record all in the name of Imam al-Hussain (p).


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