Najaf, Iraq – His Eminence, Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani, welcomed a delegation from the Medicines Sans Frontiers (MSF) including Pablo Marco Blanco, the director of the Middle East program, Sylvain Groulx, the head of the Mission of Iraq, and other organizational members.

The delegation presented a report of the services that MSF offers in Iraq, as well as other countries in the region that are witnessing armed conflicts, and the challenges and obstacles they are facing carrying out their humanitarian services.

His Eminence Sayyid al-Sistani praised their efforts and extended his appreciation for their work. He asked them to pay special attention toward the displaced people in refugee camps and the displaced citizens of liberated cities. His Eminence also pointed out the ongoing efforts of the religious authority with regard to health-related institutions and attending to the needs of injured and sick patients.

The delegation expressed their thanks to Sayyid al-Sistani for accepting their invitation to meet with him and stressed that Medicines Sans Frontiers will continue its humanitarian services in Iraq.