On September 14th, IMAM participated in the 2023 Michigan Response to Hate Conference, a significant event hosted by the Michigan Civil Rights Department. The theme of the conference was “Legislating Against Hate,” which addressed various aspects of hate crimes, including legislation, contemporary incidents, and pending legal actions.

The conference served as a platform for individuals and organizations to exchange experiences and strategies for combatting hate crimes within our communities. It also offered attendees four insightful workshops, each targeting different facets of the issue:

1. The Codification of Hate: Ideological and Material Realities of Legalizing Stratification (Exploring the Past).
2. No Hate in MI State: Prosecutors Panel (Understanding the Present)
3. Schoolhouse Rock – “I’m just a Bill looking to the Future”
4. Youth Only: The Escalation of Hate: An Examination of Bias and How to Respond

The conference emphasized how crucial data gathering and reporting are when discussing hate crimes. It highlighted the critical role that building trust between community members and local law enforcement plays in the fight against hate crimes. 

Working together to cultivate a culture of tolerance and understanding within our local communities will help to prevent such crimes from happening. 

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