Islamic Laws of the Will: According to the Rulings of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani – About this book:

God Almighty has decreed that every soul will taste death, and no living thing can deny, avoid, or even delay this reality. In His infinite mercy and wisdom, the Almighty Creator has granted rights to each person, and in addition, He has imposed certain obligations for the disposition of their personal property and the execution of their affairs after death. These obligations preserve not only the rights of the deceased but also of the heirs. Therefore, this booklet describes the Islamic laws related to the will (al-wasiyyah), which are among the most important issues that Muslims must understand and implement, because they are relevant both during life and after death. Furthermore, the proper execution of these rules ensures that the deceased can fulfill any lapsed obligations and thus continue to receive blessings, rewards, and expiation even after leaving this world. Unfortunately, ignorance of these laws and the procedures decreed by God has led to misappropriation of property, violation of individual rights, and rancor and dispute within families. This occurs either because a Muslim is unaware of the process of preparing a will or is unaware of the personal freedoms and limitations imposed by Islam, or it is due to the ignorance of the heirs in executing the will. Therefore, this booklet seeks to educate Muslims about the Islamic will, detail the specific elements related to its contents and directives, provide instructions on how to properly create it, remove misconceptions, clarify challenging issues, and spread awareness of its importance.

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