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Is it permissible for a man to perform cosmetic procedures for women?

Some women undergo cosmetic procedures that involve receiving an injection in the face or attaching artificial eyelashes. Is there a problem in doing so if the person performing the procedure is a man but the woman does not reveal anything except for her face and the procedure does not require direct touching because of the use of gloves? Does wearing artificial eyelashes or other such cosmetics affect the validity of ablution (wudhu) or ritual washing (ghusl)?

It is permissible provided the person who is performing the procedure is safe from looking with lustful pleasure or scrutiny. Or if the plastic surgery was needed by the woman to remove a deformity, for example, and the male doctor is more proficient in treating her, then it is permissible for him to look or touch to the extent necessary for treatment. Artificial eyelashes prevent wudhu and ghusl so they are not permissible based on obligatory precaution unless there is a legitimate excuse, such as lifting an unbearable hardship. However, they must be concealed based on obligatory precaution if they are considered an adornment.

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