Last week, I.M.A.M.’s Board of Directors met with His Eminence, Grand Ayatullah Sayyid al-Sistani, in the Holy City of Najaf. The meetings had the added distinction of being held in two separate and personal sessions with His Eminence and covered a broad range of issues, including detailed organizational reports.

During these discussions, Sayyid al-Sistani relayed his advice to believers in the West through the I.M.A.M. liaison office, saying:

  • Display the best character, and do not debase yourself with foul language or lowly conduct. His Eminence then narrated the hadith from Imam al-Sadiq (p) “be an adornment to us, and do not be a shame to us.”
  • Always strive to be model citizens by adhering to the laws of the land and being a helping hand to others. Be mindful of being used by others for wrongful agendas. He then narrated another hadith, from Imam al-Baqir (p): “Be callers unto us without your tongues.”
  • Show the utmost respect to those around you, even if they do not share your faith. Whether they be Christian, Jewish, or any other faith, respect them for being your neighbor, doctor, or community member. Sayyid al-Sistani, quoted a third hadith, from Imam Ali (p): “Know that people are of two types: they are either your brothers in religion or your equal in creation.”

Upon concluding their second meeting, the I.M.A.M. delegation thanked His Eminence for receiving them and prayed for his longevity and excellent health.