Wednesday, September 15th, 2021, marks the martyrdom anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba, 7th of Safar, 1443 A.H.

Imam al-Hasan (p) is reported to have said the following in response to the question: Why do we hate death?

“Because you have demolished your hereafter and constructed your world [at the expense of demolishing your hereafter], and you hate to move from construction to destruction.”

[Al-Sadouq, Ma’ani al-akhbar, p. 390]

روي عن الإمام الحسن (ع) لَمّا قالَ لَهُ رجُلٌ: ما بالُنا نكرَهُ الموتَ ولا نُحبُّهُ؟

“لِأنَّكُم أخرَبتُم آخِرَتَكُم، وعَمّرتُم دُنياكُم، وأنتُم تَكرَهونَ النُّقلَةَ مِن العُمرانِ إلَى الخَرابِ”

[ الصدوق، معاني الأخبار، ص ٣٩٠]

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