The 13th of Jumada al-Ula marks the martyrdom anniversary of Sayyida Fatimah al-Zahra (p) according to the second narration.

The Holy Prophet (pbuh&hp) is reported to have said:

“As for my daughter Fatima, she is the doyenne of all women, the first and the last. She is a part of me and the light of my eyes, and the fruit of my heart.

[al-Sadouq, alAmali, p. 175]

:روي عن النبي (ص)

“وأما ابنتي فاطمة، فإنها سيدة نساء العالمين من الأولين والآخرين، وهي بضعة مني، وهو نور عيني، وهي ثمرة فؤادي”

[الصدوق، الأمالي، ص ١٧٥]

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