A group of Muslim and Christian religious leaders in the Detroit area, hosted by the Lebanese Consul General Mr. Belal & Mrs. Kablan at their home, gathered to meet His Eminence Patriarch Aram I Kachiha on the occasion of his visit to the United States to participate in the memorial of the victims of the infamous massacre in Armenia.

It was to meet intimate and friendly exchange of words in which the audience love and deliberated what matters Islamic and Christian worlds and the challenges they face at the top of the artificial wars and displacement of Christians and the risk of emptying the Middle East of Christians and the main problem the issue of terrorism.

The Consul General Mr. Belal Kablan graciously welcomed Patriarch Aram I Kachiha and attendees expressed by saying that this house is the house of Lebanon, which comprises 18 sects and is happy to meet with this number of theologians of various doctrines of Christian and Muslims. And in turn gave a speech Patriarch Aram I Kachiha where the need for co-existence confirmed that how Armenians practice of co-existence and to the side to maintain the religious identity how care about national identity also, he said, when occurred the massacre of Armenians was we moved, we were in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Iran and other countries but I kept I kept Armenians and Armenian Lebanese and Lebanon is a national and paints my identity. We must all cooperate to amend the policy that the Western policy is not going correctly in the east.

The Honorable Sayyid Mahdi al-Ameen, the Mufti of Bint-Jbeil and the head of the Family & Social Affairs department of I.M.A.M. briefly addressed the danger of running out of Lebanon and the problem of the absence of a president in Lebanon to this day, as well as the issue of the displacement of Christians from the Middle East, calling for cooperation to counter the hostile schemes.

This meeting brought together Patriarch Aram I Kachiha with the representative of Grand Ayatollah Sistani (may Allah protect him) in the United States, the Honorable Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri and discussed the position of His Eminence Sayyid al-Sistani in the protection of Christians and their continued existence in Iraq and the Middle East.

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