Islamic Laws of Food & Drink – About this book:

Islam is a comprehensive and perfect system that covers every aspect of life. This includes not only acts of worship and religious obligations but also day-to-day activities, from the most complex transactions to the most mundane acts, which some may overlook and think are outside the scope of religion. One of these aspects concerns nutrition, which is the interaction of nutrients and other substances in food as they relate to a person’s bodily maintenance, growth, reproduction, health, and disease. Islam places special emphasis on eating and drinking because an unhealthy diet and poor manners and habits have the potential to affect both the body and the soul of a person. This booklet provides valuable Islamic guidance that covers every aspect of eating and drinking – important ethical considerations and a description of various types of foods, their qualities, and the consequences of consumption. In addition, it covers the etiquette of hospitality and the appropriate decorum when one is eating with others. I.M.A.M wishes its readers the best of health and well-being with this new publication, which earnestly seeks to improve yet another part of our daily lives.

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