What are the Islamic rulings about the deceased? What are the required acts and what should be avoided?

Find out the answers to these questions and more in Islamic Laws of Death and Burial – According to the Rulings of Grand Ayatullah Sayyid Ali al-Sistani

About this book:

Death is the inevitable end to the life of this world, and it is waiting for each person. Just as God Almighty has prescribed a complete plan for every aspect of our lives, from birth through all of life’s stages, so has He ordained a set of rules for specific acts that must be carried out when we die. These include not only the recitation of supplications and prayers for the deceased but also physically preparing the body for its permanent interment. These are some of the most important requirements believers must fulfill, because they are a prelude to the eternal next life. Indeed, we complete these acts out of obedience to God and as a reminder to those who survive the deceased that they will eventually follow.

This booklet describes the Islamic laws that relate to the deceased – before, during, and after death. It includes concise information on matters that must be fulfilled, prohibited acts, and even recommended and detestable practices. Lastly, this work addresses contemporary issues like how to proceed with the rituals of death and burial when faced with various practical constraints (as might be encountered in the West) and even provides rulings on how to deal with a deceased body infected with a contagion. Thus, it is the objective of this booklet to provide all the necessary information so believers can fulfill their obligations to God and each other when death occurs.

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