Imamia Medics International (IMI) held its first youth professional conference at the Crown Plaza Hotel in Orlando, Florida, on December 24 -25, 2014,

Dr. Wajih Rizvi and Dr. Nussrat Naqvi invited the Honorable Sayyid Kashmiri to attend the conference. He began with advice and du’a and sent a number of important messages during his brief speech, including the following points:

“Dear youth, we are here for you! Today’s world is yours and we do nothing except support you.”
“Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, but the leadership of tomorrow starts with you right now.”
“Sayyid Sistani says we exceed all others when it comes to religious creed and jurisprudence, but what about in other areas? All Shia professionals should be the best in their fields.”
“If the Shia community becomes strong in the US, then the Shia in the entire world will become strong as well.”
“One organization cannot do everything – everyone needs to cooperate and collaborate to serve the community and our beloved youth.”

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