Dear Believers in the United States,

Peace be upon you.

Almighty God says, “O you who have faith! Save yourselves and your families…” [Holy Quran, 66:6]

Prevention is a rational principle that religion calls for and invites people to adhere to for the purpose of ensuring safety, especially with respect to health. Reason dictates that prevention is better than cure.

The initiative announced by the United States Postal Service to deliver Covid-19 testing kits to homes for free is a kind initiative and deserves appreciation, for it aims to prevent and thus reduce the spread of the virus. When a person knows that they are infected, they quarantine and prevent the spread of the virus. This will certainly be in the interest of society and public safety. God Almighty will reward all those who respect the rights of others.

So in case you missed it, to learn more about how to get your free kit mailed to your home at no cost, please visit



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