In collaboration and coordination with the West Michigan Islamic Center and I.M.A.M., His Eminence Sayyid Monir Alkhabaz gave a valuable lecture about the stature and features of logic from an Imamia Shia perspective. The speech was followed by a question and answer session.

The meeting concluded with thanks and appreciation from Professor Rudolf S. Siebert, who is conducting a field study along with his students about various religions and sects, including the Twelver Imamia school. Dr. Siebert stressed that the lecture will be part of the study curriculum that the students will be tested on at the end of the semester.

Dr. Siebert also invited Sayyid Alkhabaz to his house. In a conversation lasting more than an hour, they discussed several intellectual and cultural subjects, including issues in monotheism, philosophy, and logic, and some critical contemporary issues. Dr. Siebert expressed his extreme gratitude and appreciation to Sayyid Alkhabaz.

His Excellency Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri also attended the meeting. He introduced and presented His Eminence Sayyid Monir Alkhabaz, stressing His Eminence’s high academic and intellectual stature and thanking him for his effort and time. Sayyid Kashmiri also thanked the efforts of the directors of the West Michigan Islamic Center in opening channels with universities and introducing them to the school of the progeny of the Prophet, may peace be upon them.

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