Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri visits the Iowa community, delivering a lecture series on the universal and unifying message of Imam al-Hussain (p)

Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri addresses University students

Lecture 1: ‘Jesus, Hussain (p), & the Savior; One Vision with Diverse Roles’

October 14, 2016- Iowa, IA- Iowa Memorial Union

Speaking to University students and community members, Sayyid Kashmiri’s first lecture focused on the discussion that ultimately, God’s message has never changed from the onset of creation until today. The universal truth of the oneness of God is a concept for all major religions and one which unifies us all. The mission and vision of all of the Prophets God has sent is essentially the same but varied according to the culture and status of the people at the time. Sayyid Kashmiri highlighted the evening noting  that as we look towards the future, all of humanity looks towards one savior who brings the same message, to unify us all to bring about true justice.

Lecture 2: ‘Jihad, Suicide & Justice in Islam-Hussain (p) as an example’

October 15, 2016: Iowa, IA- Memorial Union

 Making his address for a second evening at the Memorial Union, Sayyid Kashmiri discussed  jihad as the struggle of one’s self, whether it be inwardly or outwardly.  Anyone who puts their efforts in this struggle and for a holy and righteous cause at the expense of their own comfort and pleasure is someone who truly knows the meaning of sacrifice. When one does not have this vision of struggling to be better then it leads to hopelessness which in turn may lead to thoughts of suicide. Suicide occurs when one does not have the knowledge, goals or the tools to struggle for betterment or sacrifice for a noble cause. Sayyid Kashmiri concluded his remarks pointing out that suicide is in turn wasting the very life and opportunities that God has blessed us with.

Lecture 3: ‘Imam Hussain (p) Renaissance- A Firewall of Human Values’

October 16, 2016- Iowa, IA- Coralville Public Library

 In his third and final lecture to the Iowan community, Sayyid Kashmiri spoke about Imam Hussain (p) and how the Imam gave an opportunity for everyone to recognize that God’s message has to come from an infallible person. How can mankind be left under the leadership of those who commit sin? That would leave us truly misguided. Therefore, Sayyid remarked,  a government without moral principles will not work and ultimately fail.  Government must be under the banner of moral principles and practice otherwise it is susceptible to corruption and tyranny.  Sayyid Kashmiri concluded by saying that God always leaves religion in qualified hands at all times, including today as we await our savior Imam Hujjah ibn Hasan (p) in this way humanity this way will never go astray nor will fall prey to corruption.