Dear Believers,

As many of you are aware, New York City became the epicenter of the novel coronavirus pandemic, where the situation is likened in the media to a “war zone.” Our affiliated scholars have received multiple requests for relief from members of the Muslim community who follow Ahl al-Bayt (p), who have either contracted the virus or are affected by the pandemic.

Islamic Center at NYU, in partnership with the Zakat Fund of NY & Penny Appeal USA, has recently launched a fundraising campaign to support families locally in NYC who have been impacted by the pandemic. I.M.A.M. has joined the partnership, which will allow members of our community to allocate 50% of their khums to the relief fund.

To allocate your Khums to the relief fund, please go to and:

  • Select “Yes” for the question: “Do you wish to allocate your Khums to an Islamic Center?”
  • Search and Select “Islamic Center at NYU – NYC COVID-19 Relief Fund”

To support the fundraising campaign with non-khums funds, please go to

Those in need of financial assistance in NYC can apply at

We ask Almighty God to give relief to all those affected by the virus and give strength to all of those working to help His creation.