Host: Shaykh Dr. Hazari

Episode Notes: In this episode, we describe the relationship of a person to God and discuss the characteristics of ubudiyyah. Building on previous episodes, we will continue to delve into the idea that servanthood at its peak is a heightened state of mindfulness and a conscious understanding of what we are as the creation of God and how we must live our lives. In this sense, the state of a servant with respect to God, at any given point, depends on their preconceived notions and perceptions of themselves and the world they live in, and where they see themselves ending up. Lastly, it depends on what each person believes is their role, and indeed, within the bounds of their control, in fully realizing their personal potential.

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Shaykh Dr. Mehdi Hazari contributes as a research scholar at I.M.A.M. and also provides expert review of jurisprudential publications.

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