Lansing, MI – On September 15th, I.M.A.M. participated in the 2022 Michigan Response to Hate Conference hosted by the Michigan Civil Rights Department. The theme of the conference was “Othering of Americans,” and it featured a panel discussion during the opening plenary with five state and national subject matter experts who framed the day with data and experiences.

The conference focused on the increase of hate crimes in Michigan and the steps that should be taken to prevent such crimes from happening to protect our country. In addition, the conference offered various workshops on victim support, responding to hate crimes in schools, and violence prevention. 

Haifa Saleh, who attended this meeting on behalf of I.M.A.M., emphasized the importance of collaboration between organizations from similar and different programs to analyze and manage data that can help prevent unfortunate events and build bridges between communities. Furthermore, the participants’ discussions focused on the importance of establishing psychoeducation, community forum sessions, and support groups.

The key message of this conference was that hate crimes affect our country as a whole. Collaboration between organizations, individuals, and state departments is crucial in creating education programs and emergency assistance programs, as well as preventing hate and treating the causes from their roots.


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