Sunday, April 17, 2022, marks the birth anniversary of Imam Hasan al-Mujtaba (p), 15th of the month of Ramadan, 1443 A.H.

Imam al-Hasan al-Mujtaba (p) is reported to have said:

“Associate with people in the same manner that you want them to associate with you.”

  [Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-anwar, vol. 75, p. 116]

روي عن الإمام الحسن المجتبى (ع):

  “صاحِبِ النّاسَ مِثلَ ما تُحِبُّ اَن يُصاحِبُوكَ بِهِ”

[المجلسي، بحار الأنوار، ج ٧٥، ص ١١٦]

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