Following the summit between his holiness Pope Francis and the Grand Ayatullah Sayyid al-Sistani in Najaf, Iraq, there have been various calls to action and collaboration from the interfaith community, centering around the values called upon by both the respected clerics. 

In continuing the efforts around goodwill and dialogue, a delegation from the administration of the holy shrine of Imam Hussain (p) in Karbala, Iraq, visited Pope Francis at the Vatican and offered him various gifts, including a flag from the sacred shrine of Imam Hussain (p) in Karbala. The delegation was received by His Eminence the Pope who accepted the blessed spiritual gift and disseminated it to the worshipers.

The Pope’s initial visit to Najaf took place in March 2021 and centered around the importance of calling to values that are embraced by all religious traditions. Not only was this historic meeting symbolic for both worldwide faith leaders, but it is also seen as an important step in both of their respective communities to continue the positive humanitarian efforts that both Grand Ayatollah Sistani and Pope Francis have championed for decades. 

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