I.M.A.M. organized a three-night event to commemorate the Arbaeen of Imam Hussain (p) in Dearborn, Michigan. During the three nights, youth community members gave English lectures, others recited Quran and ziyarat, in addition to Brother Ali al-Mawla, who recited at the majlis.

On the third night of the Arbaeen commemoration, Shaykh Mohammad al-Halabi, research scholar and instructor at I.M.A.M., delivered a brief speech encouraging the youth to offer their service in the way of the Ahl al-Bayt (pbut) and stressing the support of I.M.A.M. for the youth and the Muslim community at large.

In brief remarks, Sayyid Kashmiri, Vice Chairman of I.M.A.M. and Representative of the Jurist, described the uniqueness of the this year’s Muharram and Arbaeen programs. Additionally, he thanked all volunteers and staff at I.M.A.M. for their efforts to deliver such a successful program and encouraged other Islamic centers to take similar steps to allow the youth to play a leading role.

At the end, Shaykh al-Halabi, along with Sayyid Kashmiri, gave an award to the Quran instructor, Brother Hajj Jasim al-Samari al-Hassani.

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