During the Arbaeen commemoration at I.M.A.M.–Dearborn,  the Quran reciter and instructor, Haj Jasim al-Hassani received an award of appreciation from I.M.A.M.

Haj al-Hassani is one of a few well-respected instructors and Quran reciters in North America who volunteers and works very hard to teach Quranic tajwid rules and recitation to adolescents and youth. I.M.A.M. had the good fortune to have Quran classes supervised by Haj al-Hassani for over two years, which produced many young Quran reciters who participated during the Ashura and Arbaeen programs, as well as at other programs throughout the year.

After senior scholar, Shaykh al-Halabi, gave a short report about the Quran class and Haj al-Hassani and his dedication, Haj Jasim al-Hassani received words of appreciation and a trophy from Marja representative Sayyid Kashmiri.

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