Harvard Islamic Society invited Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri to be a keynote speaker and wrap-up the Ma’rifa conference 2020 at Harvard University. The Ma’rifa conference 2020 was a socio-academic activity that approximately 250 Shia college students from across the United States attended to discuss and learn more about identity and self-discovery as a unique and positive Shia Muslim American minority within a minority.

The key message of his speech was how and when someone from a minority could be at the vanguard of social issues and therefore, become a catalyst for social change.

By referencing the Holy Quran and using Quranic principles, he described how Prophet Muhammad (pbuh&hp) encouraged a group of his companions to move forward and transmute the entire Arabian Peninsula into a place of justice and peace.

He added that American Muslims and the Muslim American community, as a whole, should play an essential role in the public and social spheres.

He also talked about the role of religious authority in serving the American Shia community and the importance of having an advisory academic group to help in community enhancement at schools and universities.

Sayyid Kashmiri’s other activities during his trip to the Boston metro area included, an opportunity to deliver lectures about spirituality at Zekr group of MIT and about intercession at Omid Quran Circle of MIT,  as well as leading Friday prayer (juma) at the Islamic Masumeen Center of Hopkinton.

He also had a chance to stop and visit Manar and IMAN weekend schools,  and Taha Collective group to discuss available opportunities for cooperation within the community.