On Wednesday, November 15, the headquarters of the Imam Mahdi Association of Marjaeya (IMAM) in Dearborn, Michigan, played host to the monthly gathering of the “Imams Council of Michigan,” attended by council members. The meeting commenced with a warm welcome and a recitation of Dua (a supplication).

During this session, several key agenda items were addressed. Firstly, the attendees finalized the council’s bylaws, preparing them for a vote. Additionally, discussions centered around designating a representative from the Imams Council of Michigan (ICM) to the North American Imams Federation (NAIF). Updates were also provided on Muslim Center Arbitration and the responses to the Palestinian Crisis. Furthermore, a list of potential goals for the year 2024 was compiled.

Towards the conclusion of the meeting, the Imams engaged in a thoughtful dialogue on how to extend assistance to those affected by the conflict in Gaza. They also emphasized the importance of conveying an accurate understanding of the situation in Palestine, free from political biases and misinformation. It was collectively agreed that various communication channels, including Friday sermons, religious events, and other media, would be utilized to disseminate these vital facts to the wider society.

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