The 5th of Jumada al-Ula, 1445 A.H., marks the birth anniversary of Sayyida Zaynab bint Ali (p)

An excerpt from the sermon of Lady Zaynab (p) in Sham addressing Yazid:
“So plot whatever you wish to plot and carry out your endeavor, and intensify your efforts, for, by Allah, you shall never be able to obliterate our mention, nor will you ever be able to annihilate our revelation, nor will your shame ever be washed away. Your view shall be proven futile, your days limited in number, and your wealth wasted on the Day when the caller calls out, “The curse of Allah be upon the oppressors.”
[Al-Majlisi, Bihar al-Anwar, vol 45, p. 135]

من كلام للحوراء زينب (ع) مخاطبةً يزيد بن معاوية:
“فَكِدْ كَيدَك، وَاسْعَ سَعْيَك، وَنَاصِب جَهْدَك، فَوَاَللَّهِ لَا تَمْحُو ذِكرَنَا، وَلَا تُمِيتُ وَحْيَنا، وَلَا يرحَضُ عَنْك عَارُهَا، وَهَل رَأْيِك إلّا فَنَدْ وأيّامكَ إلاَّ عَدَد، وَجَمعُكَ إلَّا بَدَدْ، يَوْمَ يُنَادِي الْمُنَادِي أَلَا لَعْنَةُ اللَّهِ عَلَى الظالمينِ”

[المجلسي، بحار الأنوار، ج ٤٥، ص ١٣٥]

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