Washington, DC – His Excellency Dr. Shaykh Mohammad al-Issa, President of the Muslim World League, received His Eminence Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri and a number of religious leaders at his residence in Washington, on Thursday, November 4, 2021.

The meeting was attended by a number of members from the Shia-Sunni Alliance Form (SSAF)  in the United States, including the honorable Haj Mohammad Magid, Imam of Adams Center, Professor Shaykh Rasoul Naghavi, President of Mufid Academic Seminary in Washington, DC, and Dr. Muhammad Al-Senussi. The gathering took place in an atmosphere characterized by brotherhood, love, and the exchange of ideas on common concerns and challenges facing the Islamic world today.

The two parties discussed the importance of the Charter of Makkah and the necessity of implementing it and keeping it relevant and practical, especially through figures at the public level. They also discussed the conduct of reciprocal visits for many of the members of the Islamic nation. Both stressed the need to expand the scope of the Muslim World League to represent various segments of Muslims of different doctrinal and ethnic diversity.

The meeting ended with the hope of more meetings and joint work to serve Muslims.

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