Lecture 1 – “Imam al-Sadiq (as) & Rebuilding the Community”

July 28, 2016- Conoga Park, CA- Fatima Islamic Society

Members of the Californian Community pose for a photo with I.M.A.M. Chairman, Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri

In his first address to the California community,  Sayyid M.B. Kashmiri visited the Fatima Islamic Society of Conoga Park, delivering a speech entitled, “Imam al-Sadiq (as) & Rebuilding the Community”. In his lecture, Sayyid remarked that during the Imamate of Imam Baqir (as) & Imam al-Sadiq (as) the atmosphere was not as miserable and oppressive, which was due to the Umayyad empire falling to the Abbasid empire. Therefore, Imam al-Sadiq (as) took advantage of this situation by educating people as best he could. Sayyid explained that he established the largest university which produced a multitude of scholars, which, even to this day is revered. Imam al-Sadiq (as) focused on building the community in terms of their humanity rather than pursuing political leadership.  He made it clear that government was not a goal but rather a tool.  Sayyid concluded the lecture noting  that focusing on humanity is what truly builds the foundation of a community.


Lecture 2 – ‘Imam al-Sadiq (as) & Relationship with Others: Officials, Non-Muslims, & Non-Shia’

July 29, 2016- Pomona, CA- Ahlul-Beyt Mosque

While visiting the Ahlul-Beyt Mosque in Pomona,  Sayyid Kashmiri delivered his second address in California on Imam al-Sadiq’s (as) relationship with others, specifically, officials, non-Muslims and non-Shia.  He noted that Imam al-Sadiq (as) had the opportunity to unify people of different faiths, including within the various schools of thought in Islam.  Sayyid explained that Imam al-Sadiq (as) focused on what united people together rather than what divided them as a collective whole of humanity.  Ultimately, Sayyid concluded, Imam al-Sadiq’s (as) unifying message was how to keep one’s religious identity in tact while at the same time coexisting peacefully with others.


Lecture 3- ‘Imam al-Sadiq’s (as) Leadership & Community’

July 30, 2016- Anaheim, CA- Jafaria Islamic Center

In his final address in California,  Sayyid Kashmiri visited the Jafaria Islamic Center in Anaheim and delivered a lecture on Imam al-Sadiq’s (as) leadership and the community.  In his remarks, Sayyid emphasized that Imam al-Sadiq (as) developed communities by utilizing experts and specialists in qualifying and appropriate leadership positions. This was the nobility and brilliance of the leadership of the Ahl al-Bayt.  Sayyid reached out to the community by concluding that, in our present day, Shi’a Muslim scholars, experts, and specialists, were required to get involved with their communities and take leadership positions to truly make an impact.