In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent The Merciful

During the past few days, the political situation in Iraq has been deteriorating. In the beginning, terrorists attacked the city of Samarra targeting the Shrine of al-Askariyyaen (peace be upon them). Then, they continued their attack on the city of Mosul and a number of nearby cities until taking control over the entire province of Nineveh. To this day, reports reveal that the security situation in Iraq is dire as killings and threats are ongoing affecting all of Iraq and the greater region.

Due to the alarming situation, the supreme religious authority in the Holy City of Najaf issued a statement of utmost importance from its office.

In response to the believers’ questions and inquiries in North America about their religious responsibility regarding the issued statement, the Honorable Sayyid M. B. Kashmiri, the official representative of Grand Ayatullah al-Sistani, explains the position of the supreme religious authority in the following manner:

Grand Ayatullah al-Sistani’s statement is very carefully worded and must be understood with great clarity as it originates from the legitimate Islamic responsibility and draws a roadmap for the security of Iraq and the region. It also addresses the remnants of the previous crises that the religious authority repeatedly alerted about; thus, it does not address only the current issue based on sentiments or emotions.

The statement obligates that all existing and influential sides solidify in cooperation and unity to confront terrorism in defense of Iraq and its citizens.

The statement specifically obligates the believers in Iraq who are able to take up arms in defense to do so, exclusively through the Iraqi official security agencies. However, that does not mean believers outside of Iraq cannot participate in such an honor.

The Jihad in the statement is “Wajib Kefaee,” meaning it is not an obligatory command for all believers. Therefore, women, elderly men, children, and even young men with higher education and expertise (who play a role in sustaining society) are not obligated. Any participant believer in this jihad is considered a martyr in the path of Allah Almighty.
It is required of all believers in the world to follow the instructions of the supreme religious authority exclusively through its reliable legitimate channels. They should also make every effort and stance that will enhance the defense against and defeat of terrorism. Furthermore, they should not forget to supplicate to God Almighty to gain victory over all the terrorists, and pray to hasten the appearance of our Imam (peace be upon him).

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