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خمس دقائق من وقتك قد تساهم في تغيير حقيقي وصُنع إصلاح عملي بحاجة إليه. للمشاركة بالاستبيان إضغط هنا

براہ کرم اردو میں سروے لینے کے لیے یہاں کلک کریں

ﭘـنج دقیقه از وقت شما کمک میکند به تغییر واقعی و انجام اصلاح عملی که به ان نیازمندیم. علاقمندان ميتوانند از راه اين لينك

To the Lovers of Imam Hussain (p) in North America,

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you. May God increase your rewards with the renewal of the grief of Imam Mahdi (p) for the tragedy of his grandfather, Imam Abu Abdullah al-Hussain (p) in the month of Muharram this year.

The purpose of this survey is:

  • To know how much the lovers of Imam Hussain (p) care about the yearly majalis that revive what he stood for and achieved in God’s way, the degree to which they strive to preserve the objectives of his movement of reform, and to commemorate in physical gatherings with other believers despite the widespread use of technology and social media today.
  • To identify areas that need greater emphasis, attention, and development, which will subsequently contribute to achieving the goals of Imam Hussain (p) and preserve the fruits of his sacrifices in contemporary societies.

There is no doubt that the first ten nights of the sacred month of Muharram have a prominent role in strengthening the ties among the believers and between them and their religion through the reinforcement of ideological, cultural, educational, and behavioral standards that shape religious identity on an individual, family, and community level. The opinion of the lovers of al-Hussain, who attend, participate, support, and contribute to the commemoration of the Hussaini programs, is invaluable for these blessed programs to maintain the standards required to accomplish their goals.

As such, the faithful Hussaini audience is the only source that can provide information about the pillars of the Hussaini program:

The Speaker/Reciter – The individuals who take the responsibility of lecturing, reciting elegies, and directly performing other rituals. This may be one or more people.

The Audience/Participants – The lovers of Imam Hussain (p) who contribute their time, money, and anything else that they have to attend and participate to gain rewards, knowledge, and guidance.

The Organizations, Venues, and Management – Whether it is a mosque, Hussainiyyah, Islamic center, hall, or even a private home, which is managed and administered by one or more people.

This survey addresses four elements that are related to these three pillars and are important in the process of development and advancement:

  • First:  General information regarding the survey participant such as age, gender, and demographics. This will help consolidate and categorize the results of the survey and give its findings comprehensive applicability.
  • Second and Third: The reciter/speaker, in terms of qualification, education, status, and performance, as well as the topics which have been discussed in terms of nature, depth, quality, and level.
  • Fourth: The nature of the program, audience, services, and anything else that contributes to the improvement and success of the Hussaini majlis.

Therefore, we hope you will take a few minutes out of your precious time to participate in this project and help develop, strengthen, improve, and preserve Hussaini programs in the West, and more importantly, leave them as a lasting legacy for later generations in the best possible way. May God make us of those who truly revive this sacred occasion and not be of those who hamper or suppress it, God-forbid.



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