Salat is one of the most essential acts of worship in Islam. It is an obligation that not only has pre-conditions and requires deliberateness, attention to time, and focus, but also a deep understanding of its philosophy and critical importance to a Muslim’s overall spiritual well-being.

As such, it must be adhered to and executed with sincerity, devotion and precision. In the days of mourning for Imam Hussain (p) and the other martyrs, Muslims gather to commemorate and weep over what occurred in Karbala. Sometimes these commemorations continue throughout the day and night, especially as the day of Ashura approaches. As important as these commemorations are to our identity and demonstration of love to the Ahl al-Bayt (p), they must never take the place or delay the fulfillment of salat.

Thus, when the time of salat arrives, believers should pause their commemorations and fulfill this most important obligation to God, and thereafter resume their mourning and enlivening of the legacy of Imam Hussain – this is what would please him the most.

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