In the Name of God, the Beneficent, the Merciful

Update Concerning the Crescent Moon of the Holy Month of Muharram, 1441 A.H.

To the respected believers in North America,

Peace be upon you.

Due to the fact that some of the northern regions of the United States of America and all of Canada did not experience the completion of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah as mentioned in the Crescent Announcement last night, please note the following.

The crescent moon of the Holy Month of Muharram was sighted by the naked eye at sunset on Saturday, August 31st, 2019 in many areas of North America, therefore, Sunday, September 1st, 2019 will be the first day of the month of Muharram, 1441 A.H. as mentioned in the previous statement, for the entire region of North America.

بسمه تعالى

السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته.

نلفتُ عناية المؤمنين الكرام في أمريكا الشمالية، نظراً إلى الإختلاف الوارد في بداية شهر ذي الحجة المنصرم، مناطقياً، حيث يستلزم أن يكون في بعضها إتمامُ عدّة للشهر ،كما ورد في بيان هلال شهر محرم الحرام ليلة أمس، نودُّ التأكيد بأنَّ بداية شهر محرّم الحرام كما أُعلن هو الأحّد الموافق للأوّل من أيلول ٢٠١٩، لسائر أمريكا الشمالية، وذلك بعد أن وردتنا عدّة تقارير تفيد بثبوت الرُّؤية بالعين المجرّدة غروب هذا اليوم السبت ٣١ آب ٢٠١٩ في عدد غير قليل من مناطق أمريكا الشمالية. ودمتم.

We ask God, the Most High, for success in performing good deeds and to hasten the Return of Our Master, Imam Mahdi (p).

On behalf of the Crescent Committee,
Sayyid M. Rizvi, Secretary General

Important Islamic Events this Month:
2 Muharram Imam Hussain (p) arrives in Karbala (61 A.H.)
7 Muharram Water is cut off from Imam Hussain (p), his family, and his companions (Year 60 A.H.)
10 Muharram Day of Ashura; Martyrdom of Imam Hussain (p) (61 A.H.)
13 Muharram Burial of Imam Hussain (p) & his companions in Karbala (61 A.H.)
25 Muharram Martyrdom of Imam Ali ibn Hussain (al-Sajjad) (p) (95 A.H.)


  • This announcement from the Crescent Committee is per the request of numerous community members across North America to help in identifying the beginning of the Hijri months.
  • To learn about our basis for determining the beginning of lunar months and the theory about the unity of horizons, click here.
  • To read Frequently Asked Questions about the Announcements of the Crescent Committee, click here. 

The Moon-Sighting Committee was established during the seventh annual conference of The Council of Shia Muslim Scholars of North America and has been providing monthly sighting announcements to the North American Shia Muslim communities since 2007.  The Council adopts/renews its members on an annual basis.

To learn about our basis for determining the beginning of lunar months and the theory about the unity of horizons, click here.