Religious Authority

I.M.A.M. is a religious organization adhering to:

United States Federal Law which establishes the rights for non-profit religious institutions under article 501 (c) (3).

The Islamic Religion in accordance with the School of the Household of the Prophet (pbuh), known as the Shia, the Ja'fariyah, the Imamiyah, and the Ithna 'Ashariyah (Twelver).


Board of Trustees:

  • This is the highest-ranking authority within the Organization.
  • Members of the Board of Trustees must be members of the Islamic Seminaries, such as religious scholars and preachers.


Board of Trustees members:


Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee is charged with the administrative responsibilities of the organization and managing its affairs in accordance with its plans and protocols.

Executive Committee members:

  • Haj Mustafa S. Hassan, Fairfax, Virginia.
  • Haj Ghassan Hassan, Dearborn, Michigan.
  • Haj Ali Raza Oonwala, Houston, Texas.
  • Haj Mohammad Ghatalah, Chicago, Illinois.
  • Haj Morteza Azarmnia, Irvine, California.